Labeled “out of date”, Katy Perry still quietly makes history

Recently, Katy Perry wrote her name in YouTube history as the first female artist to own a music video with 4 billion views.

On the world music map, Katy Perry has long affirmed her position as a top female artist. Her name is closely ᴀssociated with the тιтle “Main Pop Girls” – a group of 5 female singers who shaped the popular music scene of the 2010s.

However, in recent years, her career has somewhat stagnated as her products continuously failed to achieve success.

The American female singer was labeled a “flop” (out of date), many people said that she had lost her form and was no longer able to stir up the music market. However, contrary to gossip, Katy Perry is still quietly making history in her own way.

On the morning of May 11, Katy Perry’s “Roar” MV officially reached 4 billion views on the YouTube platform, helping her become the first and only female artist to date to own this achievement.

This is an important milestone, marking Katy Perry’s enduring influence and undeniable talent in the popular music industry.

“Roar” is the тιтle song for Katy Perry’s album “Prism” (2013). Upon its release, the song quickly achieved resounding success, climbing to number 1 on the Billboard H๏τ 100 chart and receiving many prestigious awards.

The song’s MV is also lavishly invested with beautiful costumes and graphics, contributing to the song’s widespread popularity.

On her personal Instagram page, the female singer thanked her fans for contributing to this achievement: “Thank you everyone for watching the MV.”

Besides “Roar”, Katy Perry also owns many other MVs that did not cause a fever at the time of release but still quietly maintain the heat each year.

Currently, she is the only female singer to own a total of 8 music videos with over 1 billion views, including: “Roar” (4 billion), “Dark Horse” (3.7 billion), “Last Friday Night” ” (1.5 billion), “Firework” (1.4 billion), “Bon Appéтιт” (1.3 billion), “H๏τ N Cold” (1.2 billion), “Wide Awake” (1 billion) and “The One That Got Away” (1 billion).

It is expected that the 9th MV on this list will be “Part Of Me” with 969 million views at the present time.



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